Ascension Watercolor Painting

This image came to me as a vision during a dream. As much of my art does. Sometimes I remember them clearly, as in the case with this one. Other times they slip into the realm of unremembered dreams and visions. The ones that come through clear and with purpose are usually the ones most important for me to create. These are the ones with a strong message from spirit.

The woman in this image is in a deep meditative state. So deep in fact that she starts to float up and into the cosmos. She is ascending and rising to a higher level. She is now vibrating at a higher frequency because she is becoming awakened. She is becoming more in tune with her true self. Her hair swirls around in the universe and mixes with the galaxies and stars. Her chakras are aligned and balanced.

She rises up to become one with the infinite source of knowing. The all-seeing eye above her head represents this. Here in this space, she is one with the universe. This is where she realizes that she is a spirit in human form. She is a spiritual being having a human experience. Now that she is awakened, she cannot go back to sleep. This is (for me at least) one of the hard parts about spiritual awakening. You can no longer close your eyes to the things you see. You have to face things head on and be totally honest with yourself about your reality.

This enlightened woman reminds us that even though it won’t always be easy or feel good, true spiritual growth comes from knowing ourselves completely. This watercolor and ink painting is available in my shop along with prints and altar cards.

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