The Wild Woman & Trance States

Entering trance-like states in as ancient practice used to connect with otherworldly beings, receive messages and manifest things into reality. And it happens to be one of my favorite states to enter during ritual. When I created the painting above, Wild Woman, I received inspiration for her during a trance-like state. The Wild Woman is completely in tune with nature. She is like one of the animals. Her senses are always on high alert and she can feel changes in her environment as well as changes in the weather. She is hyper aware of her surroundings.

In many indigenous tribes, drumming is used to induce trance-like states. Usually a shaman or priestess is the one who enters this state in order to receive messages from the divine. The ancient act of drumming helps to raise the vibrational energy to a higher level. The sound of the drum (at least for me) pierces right through you to the core. It hits you in this primal place we all have inside of us. It’s almost like an ancient call that our souls and bodies recognize. As soon as the drumming starts, your body can’t help but start to sway with the sounds. Your eyes involuntarily close and your mind starts to take you to an altered state of consciousness.

While in this state, visions and messages will come through. They may seem like random images at first, but if you pay attention, you will see that they have a deeper meaning and purpose. In this painting, the Wild Woman plays her sacred drum. The sounds take her to another world where she can manifest her dreams into existence. She closes her eyes in order to allow the music to flow through her. She lets go of this reality and she lets the drum take her on a journey to another dimension.

The leaves and vines around her also dance with the music of the drum. The sacred beats rise up into the universe so that even the stars vibrate with the same frequency. As she beats the drum to take herself deeper and deeper into a trance, she raises her vibrational level and her soul becomes one with the universe. From here she can make anything happen. She is fully connected with her true self. That of a spirit having a human experience.

Prints and prayer cards of this piece can be found in my shop. For those of you who are interested in learning more about entering trance states, the energy of the Wild Woman can help you get there.

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