Green Tara the Liberator

I was recently inspired to paint Green Tara from a vision I had during meditation. Some deities come through to me on their own and sometimes I ask them for visions. I had always been intrigued by Green Tara because she comes in many different forms and she is a complex deity who is honored in different forms of Buddhism and Hinduism. She is honored as a female Buddha or awakened/enlightened female being and has many layers to her personality and her soul.

Green Tara is known to have 21 forms and colors. Each aspect has its own mantra and each one can be invoked for a specific purpose. To me the many aspects of Tara almost feel symbolic. Because she is so complex, it could be said that one could never fully understand Tara, just as one can never fully understand the complexities of the universe. Also, each aspect from Tara originates from her “truest” form as Green Tara. Which can represent each of us originating from one true source from the universe. We are all different, yet we are all the same in our core, “true” form or selves.

Green Tara is the Goddess of compassion and healing. She is known as The Liberator as she rescues human kind from suffering. Green Tara, along with other Buddhas, are often depicted with their eyes half shut. The reason that she is depicted this way is because she is meditating or in an enlightened state. She is in an altered state of consciousness where connection to her true self is possible.

This painting can be meditated on by staring at the third eye spot on Green Tara. After a few minutes, close your eyes and you should be able to see the image of Green Tara in your mind. You can then choose to continue on with the meditation in a way that feels comfortable for you. Chant her mantra, ask her for a vision or let her give you what she feels you need most.

Prints of this piece along with prayer cards can be found in my shop.


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