Visions in the Mountains

The mountains have always called to me. Anytime I’m in their presence I feel this great sense of awe and power. They are primordial and ancient, just like the Great Mother. One of my favorite places to go to connect with Mother Nature through the mountains is Colorado. The last time I was there I spent some time hiking and meditating in the Flatirons which has winding mountain trails and magnificent views. A vision came to me of the Goddess sitting at the foot of the mountains with roots coming down from her legs and going back up into the trees.

She was showing me that She is connected to everything. She is everything and everything is born from her. Her body gives sustenance and life to every living thing on this earth. She was also showing me that energy never dies, it is simply recycled and infused into other life forms. The colors in this vision were purple and blue which are high vibrational colors in the spirit world. I sketched down this vision as fast as I could and continued on with my hike.

Once I returned home from my trip, I quickly created the Moon Mountain Goddess painting in honor of the vision I had in one of my most favorite places in the world. I decided to also create a Sunrise Mountain Goddess painting to go along with it in order to represent the duality in nature and life. The sun shines during the day so that the stars and moon can sparkle at night.

These prints can be paired together nicely to honor both the Great Mother and the mountains. How many of you have had spiritual experiences in nature? Prints and prayer cards of both of these can be found in my shop.

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