Visionary Art

Dancing Ganesha & Holotropic Breathwork

Lord Ganesha

Experiencing altered states of consciousness helps us to expand our own consciousness and explore other realities. In order to fully ascend to higher dimensions and frequencies, we need to visit these other worlds. Experiencing a different reality can be something as simple as learning to change your perspective or thought process. It doesn’t always have to be super complex realities with beings and spirits. But sometimes, you can experience these too in altered states of consciousness.

The inspiration for my Dancing Ganesha piece came to me during a holotropic breath-work session. For those of you who aren’t familiar with holotropic breath-work, this form of breathing is said to produce an experience similar to that of a psychedelic experience. During this session, I was listening to drumming while performing the breathing exercises. Holotropic breath-work kind of reminds me of breath of fire in the practice of pranayama. During this particular session, after about 10 minutes or so, I started to see visions of snakes coming up from the ground flying up into the sky.

Then all of a sudden, Ganesha came into view. He was dancing on each foot, jumping from one to the other while balancing his bowl of sweets and his hatchet. He danced and moved to the rhythm of the drums. The best way I can describe his energy is to say that he was cool and laid-back. He danced smoothly and naturally and filled my mind with calm and euphoric energy. I tried to hold onto the vision as best I could before he faded away.

Ganesha work in progress

I stopped the session after that because I felt that I had gotten what I needed. It’s interesting to me that Ganesha is the deity that came through. Even though I’ve always been drawn to Ganesha, I’ve never actually worked with him. Also, during that particular time in my life, I was undergoing some changes with some new obstacles to overcome. Ganesha is known as The Remover of Obstacles. He was able to reach me because his energy is exactly what I needed at that time. I plan to do these breath-work sessions every so often so it should be interesting to see what other deities come through.

Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles

For those of you interested in learning more about holotropic breath-work, check out the work by Stanislav Grof. Prints and prayer cards of Ganesha are available in my shop.

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