Isis and Goddess Consciousness

Egyptian Goddess Isis

Isis, the Egyptian Mother Goddess of the universe, was the first Goddess I ever worked with. I find that many people I’ve met over the years within the spiritual/Goddess community also had their first Goddess experience with Isis. She is an easy Goddess to connect with, possibly because she exudes a loving, accepting and motherly energy. She accepts all who go to Her.

Although, She is so much more than a loving Mother Goddess. She is healer, doctor, practitioner of magic, fertile womb and Creatrix of the Cosmos. Her energy is like a thread of consciousness which connects back to source/collective conscious energy. She essentially represents Goddess Consciousness. Anytime you work with a deity, you are essentially tapping into their unique consciousness. So this is why it’s a good idea to be mindful of the deities and spirits you work with.

You can of course also be called to serve a deity. But that’s a subject for a whole other blog post! Connecting with Goddess Consciousness is so essential in this present reality that we live in. And in my opinion, the best way to be introduced to Goddess Consciousness, is through Isis. So to honor Her accepting and patient energy, I decided to paint her.

Isis work in progress shots

In this painting, Isis sits on the warm Egyptian sands in a traditional pose with her wings stretched out far and wide. The gleaming white pyramids (yes, the pyramids as they originally looked were white so the sun reflected off them) stand in their magnificence behind her. Over her head, the Eye of Horus sits in a sacred triangle floating in the Cosmos. The Eye of Horus represents the third eye, intuition and our direct energetic connection to source.

It is said that the Eye of Horus resembles the pineal gland which is the physical gland of our third eye. Lots of consciousness symbolism within the Eye of Horus. And of course Horus is the son of Isis so she is connected to source energy also. On the bottom of the painting, pink Egyptian lotuses rise up to greet their Great Mother.

For those of you interested in this piece, prints can be found in my shop. How many of you have worked with Isis?

5 thoughts on “Isis and Goddess Consciousness”

  1. I love reading your posts. They’re very informative and your art is beautiful. ❀️
    Enjoy your weekend!


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