Kali, the Ego Destroyer

Kali, the Ego Destroyer

The Hindu Goddess Kali helps to bring about the death of our egos. She destroys Maya or the illusion of reality which is lived through our egos. Kali represents overcoming our attachments to our bodies by helping us to realize that we are souls temporarily living in a human state of existence. Our true state lies in our light body or our soul. She liberates us from illusion and helps us to transcend spiritually.

The ego trembles with fear when Kali is invoked and it will try as hard as it can to hang onto any shred of existence within us. This is why when you are experiencing an “ego death” you may experience negative emotions because your soul is cleaning out the last remnants of what the ego originally created to protect you from. Although now those things and ways of thinking and being no longer serve you. And she helps us to come to terms with that so we can start living authentically.

The ego is not “bad” necessarily. It is usually something that was created in our younger years to protect us or to help us live, adapt and deal with life. But as we grow and raise our vibrations, these old ways of dealing with life no longer serve us.  So the ego must be destroyed in order to fully grow into the people we are meant to be.

For those interested in connecting with this Goddess, prints along with prayer cards can be found in my shop.

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