Illustrations for Sage Woman

Illustrations for Sage Woman

Every so often I like to do illustrations for magazines such as Sage Woman in order to support Goddess and Pagan centered publications. The article I created illustrations for this time was about an older woman who had come into her own power after a life of playing different roles such as mother, daughter, wife and priestess. She has a special connection to nature and the Goddess Brigid and she carries a staff with a coyote skull on top. She relates to the energy of the coyote as they are both tricksters.

As I read the article, I saw visions of a sovereign crone in all of her power standing tall. She carried a magical staff made from redwood with a coyote skull on top. She slinked through the forest with the spirit of coyote at her side. This is the way I decided to portray the author in the main illustration. I also felt that I needed to portray her connection with the coyote so I did a second illustration of the coyote spirit. In this illustration, a coyote howls at the moon as spirals of magical energy manifest around it. There are tribal designs on the coyote spirit as these are what came through in my vision.

Sage Woman illustrations

It’s always interesting to visualize what characters look like when you’re reading something. You allow your imagination to flow naturally and to create images that match the vibration of what you’re reading. It’s even more interesting to bring those images to life on the page.

The title of this issue of Sage Woman is “Sovereignty, Claiming our Power” and it’s filled with stories like this one of women coming into their own sovereign power. It’s also filled with beautiful illustrations from other artists within the Goddess and Pagan communities. Thanks to Anne over at Sage Woman for the opportunity!

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