Prayer Card Art

New Prayer Cards

Prayer Cards

A few weeks ago, I asked you all what you wanted to see happen with the prayer cards moving forward.

I got some requests to have a prayer already on the card. So, that’s what I did! The new and improved prayer cards now have a short, two line prayer on them and a smaller sized image of the deity within a simple border. I think these cards will be more to your liking!

I decided to only make cards for the deities and angels but not for the priestess collection.

Although, I’m always open to custom orders so if any of you decide that you want a priestess prayer card, just shoot me a message and I’ll create one specially for you! These cards are very versatile and are a great way to dress up any altar. I’ve already printed prayer cards for all the altars I have in my home because it seems, I just can’t help myself. Lol 🙂

Green Tara prayer card

You can collect all of these even if you don’t have an altar for a particular deity.

These can be carried with you in your wallet or just in your purse. They can be put into a journal or you can even laminate them if you’re so inclined. Put the archangel Michael card in your glove compartment in your car for protection on your travels. Lastly, these make great gifts for a fellow devotee.

I’ve had so much fun creating these and I’m still adding more to my shop.

Thank you for the inspiration! To check out the new prayer card collection, head over to my shop

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