Hekate, Guide of Souls

Hekate, Guide of Souls

Hekate is the Greek Goddess of crossroads, magic, witchcraft, necromancy and letting go of that which no longer serves you.

She is known as a psychopomp which is a guide of souls to the Underworld. Hekate is able to live in both realms, the realm of the living and the realm of the dead. She is of the three ways or the crossroads and is also known to be a triple Goddess representing maiden, mother and crone.

I first discovered Hekate in 2010 and I’ve been devoted to her ever since.

I’ve honored and worked with many Goddesses over the years but she has always had a pull on my soul. Hekate asks that her devotees stay strong and to walk her path is to walk the path of constant transformation. I can attest to this because since I’ve been honoring her, I’ve gone through many, many transformations. Some have been amazing and joyful, but if I’m being honest, most of them have been extremely hard and trying. It’s not an easy path to say the least. The path of a dark Goddess never is. But it will be a path of continual reminders to stay true to yourself and to always be letting go of things that no longer serve you. Even if you are not ready to let go of those things.

As part of my devotion to her, I have drawn and painted her image many times over the years.

It seems that each time I’m at a new phase in my life, Hekate gets a new devotional painting. This time my new painting of her is representative of the path I’m currently on which is a path of expanding consciousness. Hekate is also associated with plant magic and herbs which induce altered states of consciousness. Poisonous plants such as deadly nightshade or belladonna, datura and mandrake. All of these psychoactive herbs were ingredients found in flying ointments which were used in the ancient world to help the user “fly” to other realms and realities.

Hekate work in progress

I wanted to portray her associations with these plants in my new painting of her.

In this painting, Hekate stands against an inky, dark, starry-night sky surrounded by vines of deadly nightshade. This poisonous plant has alluring, beautiful purple flowers which beckon you to her. I also wanted to use that purple color in this image because purple is a highly spiritual color with high vibrations. Hekate wears an olive leaf crown around her head and a key around her neck. Small coral snakes (venomous snakes) are wrapped around her arms and she holds a sacred fire in her hands. She uses this fire to help guide souls to the Underworld.

Hekate can also act as a spiritual guide to us in our own lives.

Although she is a no nonsense kind of deity. She also encourages us to learn our lessons so that we may grow and ascend into the spiritual beings of light that we are meant to be. Her being a “dark” Goddess does not mean she is evil, she is “dark” because she does not shy away from the darker aspects of life. She understands that you cannot have dark without the light and you cannot have light without the dark. She helps us to hold the balance of these things in our own lives.

Many times on my path with her, she will send me an animal guide who is usually associated with her, as an omen of change to come.

Interestingly enough, last night on the day I finished a new painting of her, she sent me a little tree frog which was sitting on the outside of my window on my third floor apartment. She has sent me tree frogs (also on windows) a few times in the past and frogs are one of the animals associated with her. So transformation must be on the horizon. I guess we will see…

Prints and prayer cards of this piece can be found in my shop.

Please feel free to share any comments below about your experiences with Hekate or any interest in her you may have.

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