Tara Reynolds is a visionary artist with a passion for spirituality and spiritual growth. She receives inspiration for her art in the form of visions which come to her on their own or while in altered states of consciousness. These visions are what she believes to be sacred messages from the spirit world. It is her purpose to share those messages through the creation of vibrant, esoteric art.

Her work centers around the spiritual realm and beings of other dimensions which include deities, priestesses, shamans, magical practitioners and Angels. Tara’s mission is to open people’s minds to other possibilities and to help raise consciousness. She believes that by becoming more aware consciously, we can vibrate at a higher frequency and ascend to higher ways of living and being. After all, we are spiritual beings having a human experience and she is here to remind us of that.

Tara’s art has been featured in Sage Woman magazine, PaganPages.org and The Girl God publications. She creates all of her work in her studio in Orlando, FL. To contact Tara for commissions or any questions you might have, please email her at tarareynoldsartist@gmail.com

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