Hekate, Guide of Souls

Hekate, Guide of Souls

Hekate is the Greek Goddess of crossroads, magic, witchcraft, necromancy and letting go of that which no longer serves you.

She is known as a psychopomp which is a guide of souls to the Underworld. Hekate is able to live in both realms, the realm of the living and the realm of the dead. She is of the three ways or the crossroads and is also known to be a triple Goddess representing maiden, mother and crone.

I first discovered Hekate in 2010 and I’ve been devoted to her ever since.

I’ve honored and worked with many Goddesses over the years but she has always had a pull on my soul. Hekate asks that her devotees stay strong and to walk her path is to walk the path of constant transformation. I can attest to this because since I’ve been honoring her, I’ve gone through many, many transformations. Some have been amazing and joyful, but if I’m being honest, most of them have been extremely hard and trying. It’s not an easy path to say the least. The path of a dark Goddess never is. But it will be a path of continual reminders to stay true to yourself and to always be letting go of things that no longer serve you. Even if you are not ready to let go of those things.

As part of my devotion to her, I have drawn and painted her image many times over the years.

It seems that each time I’m at a new phase in my life, Hekate gets a new devotional painting. This time my new painting of her is representative of the path I’m currently on which is a path of expanding consciousness. Hekate is also associated with plant magic and herbs which induce altered states of consciousness. Poisonous plants such as deadly nightshade or belladonna, datura and mandrake. All of these psychoactive herbs were ingredients found in flying ointments which were used in the ancient world to help the user “fly” to other realms and realities.

Hekate work in progress

I wanted to portray her associations with these plants in my new painting of her.

In this painting, Hekate stands against an inky, dark, starry-night sky surrounded by vines of deadly nightshade. This poisonous plant has alluring, beautiful purple flowers which beckon you to her. I also wanted to use that purple color in this image because purple is a highly spiritual color with high vibrations. Hekate wears an olive leaf crown around her head and a key around her neck. Small coral snakes (venomous snakes) are wrapped around her arms and she holds a sacred fire in her hands. She uses this fire to help guide souls to the Underworld.

Hekate can also act as a spiritual guide to us in our own lives.

Although she is a no nonsense kind of deity. She also encourages us to learn our lessons so that we may grow and ascend into the spiritual beings of light that we are meant to be. Her being a “dark” Goddess does not mean she is evil, she is “dark” because she does not shy away from the darker aspects of life. She understands that you cannot have dark without the light and you cannot have light without the dark. She helps us to hold the balance of these things in our own lives.

Many times on my path with her, she will send me an animal guide who is usually associated with her, as an omen of change to come.

Interestingly enough, last night on the day I finished a new painting of her, she sent me a little tree frog which was sitting on the outside of my window on my third floor apartment. She has sent me tree frogs (also on windows) a few times in the past and frogs are one of the animals associated with her. So transformation must be on the horizon. I guess we will see…

Prints and prayer cards of this piece can be found in my shop.

Please feel free to share any comments below about your experiences with Hekate or any interest in her you may have.


Baba Yaga, Intuition & the Shadow

Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga is a Slavic, Crone Goddess associated with death, intuition, magic and the shadow aspects of the self.

She is portrayed as an old woman who lives in the forest in a house perched on top of chicken legs. One of her popular myths is the story of Vasilisa and her doll. Vasilisa is given a small doll by her mother upon her mothers death. She tells Vasilisa to consult the doll whenever she is in need or has to make a choice. The girl is then eventually sent into the forest to meet the fearful Baba Yaga in order to complete a series of tasks. Each time Baba Yaga gives the girl a new task to complete, she consults the wisdom of her doll before making a choice. The moral of the story is that the girl is learning to use and trust her intuition and Baba Yaga is essentially helping her do that.

Baba Yaga represents deep, ancient wisdom and intuition.

She is a mature woman with many, many years of experience under her belt and is now filled with tons of knowledge. She is commonly portrayed as the scary crone or the quintessential witch figure of folklore. I believe the reason for portraying her in this way (beyond the patriarchal view) is because she can represent the shadow aspects of ourselves and many people are frightened by their darkness. They ignore it and suppress it and project it out into the world in the form of “evil” or “bad” things.

Baba Yaga prayer card

Baba Yaga teaches us that to have a shadow, is to be human and that the shadow is just as beautiful and lovable, as the light.

And that in order to ever truly be whole, we need to love both aspects of ourselves. When we approach Baba Yaga, she sees through our mask. She sees the vulnerable parts of ourselves and the parts we try to hide. Those are the things that stand out to her the most because that is her specialty. She brings those things out in us in order to help us grow and to know ourselves better.

In this painting, Baba Yaga stands in front of her house in the deep forest. She holds her sacred broom which she uses to fly through the sky. The fence surrounding her property has skulls with fires blazing in them to light the way for passerby’s. She has magic mushrooms growing on her land which represents her connection to exploring other worlds, magic and altered states of consciousness. The story of Baba Yaga has many deep, hidden and symbolic meanings. Which is very appropriate to what she essentially represents, which is the hidden aspects of ourselves.

How do you connect with your shadow self?

Prints and prayer cards of this piece are available in my shop.


Kali, the Ego Destroyer

Kali, the Ego Destroyer

The Hindu Goddess Kali helps to bring about the death of our egos. She destroys Maya or the illusion of reality which is lived through our egos. Kali represents overcoming our attachments to our bodies by helping us to realize that we are souls temporarily living in a human state of existence. Our true state lies in our light body or our soul. She liberates us from illusion and helps us to transcend spiritually.

The ego trembles with fear when Kali is invoked and it will try as hard as it can to hang onto any shred of existence within us. This is why when you are experiencing an “ego death” you may experience negative emotions because your soul is cleaning out the last remnants of what the ego originally created to protect you from. Although now those things and ways of thinking and being no longer serve you. And she helps us to come to terms with that so we can start living authentically.

The ego is not “bad” necessarily. It is usually something that was created in our younger years to protect us or to help us live, adapt and deal with life. But as we grow and raise our vibrations, these old ways of dealing with life no longer serve us.  So the ego must be destroyed in order to fully grow into the people we are meant to be.

For those interested in connecting with this Goddess, prints along with prayer cards can be found in my shop.


Isis and Goddess Consciousness

Egyptian Goddess Isis

Isis, the Egyptian Mother Goddess of the universe, was the first Goddess I ever worked with. I find that many people I’ve met over the years within the spiritual/Goddess community also had their first Goddess experience with Isis. She is an easy Goddess to connect with, possibly because she exudes a loving, accepting and motherly energy. She accepts all who go to Her.

Although, She is so much more than a loving Mother Goddess. She is healer, doctor, practitioner of magic, fertile womb and Creatrix of the Cosmos. Her energy is like a thread of consciousness which connects back to source/collective conscious energy. She essentially represents Goddess Consciousness. Anytime you work with a deity, you are essentially tapping into their unique consciousness. So this is why it’s a good idea to be mindful of the deities and spirits you work with.

You can of course also be called to serve a deity. But that’s a subject for a whole other blog post! Connecting with Goddess Consciousness is so essential in this present reality that we live in. And in my opinion, the best way to be introduced to Goddess Consciousness, is through Isis. So to honor Her accepting and patient energy, I decided to paint her.

Isis work in progress shots

In this painting, Isis sits on the warm Egyptian sands in a traditional pose with her wings stretched out far and wide. The gleaming white pyramids (yes, the pyramids as they originally looked were white so the sun reflected off them) stand in their magnificence behind her. Over her head, the Eye of Horus sits in a sacred triangle floating in the Cosmos. The Eye of Horus represents the third eye, intuition and our direct energetic connection to source.

It is said that the Eye of Horus resembles the pineal gland which is the physical gland of our third eye. Lots of consciousness symbolism within the Eye of Horus. And of course Horus is the son of Isis so she is connected to source energy also. On the bottom of the painting, pink Egyptian lotuses rise up to greet their Great Mother.

For those of you interested in this piece, prints can be found in my shop. How many of you have worked with Isis?


Inspired by the Goddess

Ancient Goddess sculptures have always fascinated me. Their representative nature is so deeply understood by those who honored Her long ago. Hand-sculpted with large, pregnant-looking bellies, round breasts and cavernous hips, which translate to mean fertility. There really only could be one meaning for these ancient statuettes, it seems. And that is a representation of the fruitful and life-giving Mother.

After studying these figurines for years, I decided it was time to paint them. I really wanted to portray them in connection to their innate representation. That of being connected with the fertility of the feminine and of the earth. Each Goddess is featured with vines wrapped around Her, flowers and trees. The series consists of three watercolor paintings which are:

Fertility Goddess – Venus of Willendorf

Venus of Willendorf- This ancient Goddess statuette is some 30,000 years old and was found at a Paleolithic site near Willendorf, Austria. She is carved from limestone and then tinted with red ochre. She wears what seems to be some kind of headdress upon her head. In this painting, she is surrounded by bright yellow and purple flowers and has vines wrapped around her sacred body.

Sleeping Priestess of Malta

Sleeping Priestess of Malta- This painting was inspired by the ancient Maltese figurine, the Dreamer of Malta. This statuette dates back to 3000 B.C.E. and was found in the Hypogeum on the island of Malta. The Hypogeum is a catacomb-like, underground chamber that is thought to have been used for dream incubation. In this painting, the priestess is sleeping soundly while the vines from moon-flowers wrap around her body. She is dreaming of the moon and stars overhead.

Tree Womyn -Venus of Lespugue

Venus of Lespugue- This beautifully carved, ancient Goddess statuette is some 24,000 years old and was found in Lespugue, France. It is carved from tusk ivory and in my opinion is one of the most beautiful, carved pieces I have ever seen. If you have a chance, look up the actual statue and you will see what I’m talking about. The breasts and hips in this statuette are the most exaggerated out of the Venus figurines. In the painting I created in her honor, She is portrayed as a tree. She grows up from the ground as her limbs stretch up to meet the sky. Flowers and vines wrap around her to reclaim her fertile body.

All of these paintings can be found in my shop as prints and prayer cards. Have any of you ever honored these ancient Goddess figurines?